The only fun and educational game featuring real Penguins!

  • Easy to Learn.
  • Fun To Play!
  • Beautiful Photography
  • Scientifically Accurate

The Whole Group Can Play

Plays from 2 to 6 players without bogging down.

Learn While You Play 

Learn over 75 unique facts about penguins, including where they live, scientific names, predators and more.

Fun for the Whole Family

Younger kids and casual gamers can play with the Light Rules, while more hardcore gamers can play a deeper stragetic game.

Fits Into Your Schedule

Three Game Speeds allow you to enjoy a quick game before bedtime or a marathon strategic game when you have time.

Fast-Paced Gameplay

Put those cellphones away. Turns are so fast, it'll be your turn before you know it.

Replayability Built-In

Each game is different! Play one of 6 unique Penguin Scientists, and experience 9 game changing Season Events.